10 NEW Spanish Online Training Courses


Summit has added an additional ten online training courses in Spanish.  With this addition, Summit now offers over 35 Spanish online training courses.  Summit Trainingweb® online courses use interactions and multi-media to train workers on best practices to protect them from costly accidents and injuries.  Summit’s Spanish online courses are fully narrated in Spanish.  The new Spanish online courses are:
·        Hot Work Permit
·        Industrial Ergonomics
·        Respirators: Air Purifying
·        Construction – Personal Protective Equipment
·        Construction – Fall Protection
·        Construction – Electrical Safety
·        Construction – Hearing Safety
·        Construction – Welding Safety
·        Construction – Hot Work Permit
·        Construction – Introduction to OSHA
By using Summit Trainingweb®, safety professionals are assured their Spanish and English speaking employees are receiving consistent training curriculum.  Summit’s online courses feature interaction, engaging the learner and ensuring comprehension.
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