100-Ton Capacity Crane


100RT cranes have a six-section pin and latch boom with a length of 164 ft and maximum tip height of 261.7 ft. A three-piece, bi-fold, on-board fly with an integrated 10-ft section is available and can be manually offset. It has only four boom extend modes and provides the ability to telescope under load. The boom design incorporates Link-Belt’s standard Teflon wear pucks impregnated into the wear pad surfaces so the boom requires no grease.

On-board fly options include both two- and three-piece lattice bi-folds, 10, 35, and 58 ft. long; the fly manually offsets to 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. A 10-ft. heavy-lift fly that is integral to one of the fly options swings and pins into place and has over 24 tons of lifting capacity with one-load, two-line lift procedures. Two 16-ft.lattice extensions give the 100RT its maximum tip height of 261.7 ft. Fly extensions on the 100RT are interchangeable with several existing Link-Belt RTC and HTC models. Standard air conditioning, a sunshade screen, and a five-way adjustable seat with headrest ensure a comfortable work environment.


  • dual- and single-axis controllers
  • For high-angle lifts, the cab tilts up to 20 degrees
  • overall height of 12 ft 10 in.
  • Arctic (up to -40 degrees F) and Cold (up to -20 degrees F) weather packages available
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