12” Plastic Axial Blower


The newly introduced 12” Plastic Axial Blower is a powerhouse well suited for large confined spaces and utility sites. The polyethylene housing is designed to be both lightweight and super quiet making this blower ideal for transport.  The 1842 CFM (free air) output provides optimal air-flow performance.

This Blower is available as an AC model and is engineered to offer higher output flow rates than other blowers of its size. Made of corrosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene in safety-orange, this is the ONLY 12” plastic blower on the market that comes with a canister. The quick-connect clipping system allows workers to attach the canister, tools free, to the input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. Quick set-up means workers can ventilate or evacuate airflow without hassle and can carry the blower unit in two “easy to handle” pieces.

Additional features include; molded carry handles on both the blower and the canister, 1 horsepower motor, enclosed electrical components with built in On/Off switch and 15’ or 25’ of PVC coated vinyl and polyester ducting. The ducting stores easily within the storage canister. This model delivers 1842 CFM free air, 1004 CFM with one 90° degree bend, 933 CFM with two 90° bends.  110/120 Volt AC and 50/60 Hz.


  • lightweight and super quiet
  • 1842 CFM (free air) output
  • corrosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene
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