DDP, a leader in engineered LED
solutions, has developed a 120VAC line voltage lamp that reduces power consumption
and maintenance costs. Designated the 120MBLS-X-CX, the wide-angle LED operates
to maximum of 130VAC, while drawing less than 8mA - 85% lower than the power
consumption of a standard 120MB incandescent light bulb. Additionally, the lamp
features a shunt resistor to eliminate transient current and prevent a false positive
indication by the LED.
“Our energy-efficient 120VAC lamp consumes power at a low level and features
an operating life of upwards of 100K hours, making it an ideal replacement of 120MB
incandescent bulbs in most any industrial indicator lighting application,” said Tony
Toniolo, DDP President. “Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs are not subject to
catastrophic failure when operated within design parameters, making it a reliable device
with a life of up to 100K hours. An incandescent bulb generates heat as well as light and
as a result the standard incandescent bulb has an unpredictable lifetime due to risk of
filament burn out.”
The 120MBLS-X-CX is well suited for a variety of indicator applications and is
available in a variety of color options including red, amber, blue, green and white.
Typical light output is 15lm, comparable to the 120MB incandescent.
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