14” Brushless Ring Motor for Direct Drive Applications


ThinGap LLC, a leader in high power density DC motors, today announced the TG14010 Brushless DC Ring Motor for direct drive motor applications. The TG14010 delivers smooth and controllable high speed/high shaft power without a gearbox. “The TG14010 ring motor’s high power-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for direct drive ducted-fan applications in unmanned aerial vehicles and hub-mounted motors for unmanned ground vehicles”, said Greg Yordan, Manager of Engineering Services, ThinGap LLC. “The TG14010 is one of three powerful ring motors in ThinGap’s industry leading line of high efficiency coreless brushless motors.”
The TG14010 supplies 50 ft-lbs peak torque from a 3.7” length by 13.55” diameter package that weighs only 23 lbs. Very smooth and controllable acceleration and deceleration have been realized by eliminating hyteresis and cogging. System efficiency of up to 82% can be achieved with the TG14010.
The TG14010 provides a low profile platform that is quiet, cool running, and conserves energy with a gyroscopic effect that reduces vibration. In vehicle propulsion systems, the TG14010 may be mounted inside the wheel hub, which dramatically reduces space requirements and weight.
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