1,500 Watt Metal Halide Tower Security Spotlight


This metal halide tower security spotlight is designed as an effective security and corrections lighting solution and produces a powerful spot beam that can be moved to track moving objects on the ground. The light head is comprised of a 1,500 watt metal halide lamp which produces 150,000 lumens for an intense and powerful spotlight beam capable of illuminating objects up to 240ft away. The light head is mounted on top of a 3 foot tall aluminum pole with a circular base drilled with 3 holes for permanent mounting.


Lamp Type: Metal Halide

Total Watts: 1,500

Total Lumens: 150,000

Beam Type: Spot

Mounting: 3’ Permanent Mount Aluminum Pole

Ballast: Pole Mounted Ballast Box

Voltage: 120-277V AC

Wiring: 25ft SOOW cord – 5-15 Straight Blade Plug

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