17-Bit Resolution Absolute Encoder


Holistic structure of the Electric Encoder provides generous mounting tolerance, thus obviating the need for internal ball bearings.


The lack of bearings and components such as flexible couplers, glass disc, light sources and detectors, along with very low power consumption makes the DS-25 encoder virtually failure free. The internally shielded, dc operated Electric Encoder includes an electric field generator, a field receiver, a sinusoidal shaped dielectric rotor, and processing electronics.


The output signals of DS-25 Electric Encoder are analog Sine/Cosine representing the rotation angle, incremental or absolute position.


The DS-25 is suited to demanding application such as: aerospace, medical, instrumentation, automation, etc.


DS-25 encoders offer many advantages:

  • 17 bit resolution
  • < 0.025° accuracy
  • Analog Sin/Cos,Digital SSi,BiSS-C output options
  • Lightweight miniature absolute rotary encoder
  • Hollow floating shaft
  • No bearing or other contact
  • High precision
  • High tolerance to temperature, shock, moisture
  • EMI, RFI and magnetic fields
  • Total weight of 4gr
  •  Low profile of 7 mm
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