20-600 Amp Charging Contacts


Charging Contacts maximize operational time by charging batteries or capacitors any time equipment is stationary. The opportunity to charge can occur at staging areas, workstations, loading/unloading stations, and turn arounds.


Charging contacts eliminate the need for manual or automated battery swaps, as well as manual plug in charging. Profitability and productivity are optimized.


They are ideal for charging AGVs, AGCs, shuttle systems, and virtually any battery-powered vehicles.



  • Long Life - The chamfered design ensures that only long life wear resistant components come in contact with each other.
  • Charging Integrity - The brushes never come in contact with the plastic eliminating the need to have cleaning brushes to ensure charging integrity.
  • Compact Footprint - Up to 75 % smaller collector; up to 66 % smaller base plate.
  • Modular Design - Allows for ultimate design flexibility. We can configure Charging Contacts to meet your requirements.
  • Cost Effective - Exceptional performance at an exceptional price.
  • Customization is available - to meet your exact needs.
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