2.0 Docking Station for Power Outages


2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Ensure your facility is prepared to restore power during your next unplanned power loss with the 2.0 Docking Station. The docking station allows the safe, legal, and quick connection of a portable generator to your facility with industry-standard connection points and an intuitive design that drastically reduces the biggest delay in power restoration.


The design provides best-in-class end-user functionality with nearly endless customization options to tackle the industry's most complex and demanding electrical requirements. The pad mount was designed to be configured for any emergency power application, allowing up to 3 dedicated breakers and the connection of a permanent power source (utility or backup system), artificial load simulating (load bank testing), and portable power source (roll up generator) in individual (single purpose) or simultaneous (dual purpose) packages.


Industry-standard CamLok connections on an angled connection plate (gland plate) facilitate connecting heavy cables, reducing connection time and operator fatigue. Optional patented solenoid interlock prevents door access to the cable bank when the system is energized to enhance operator safety.


  • French doors give one side (connection) for line cables and Camlock connections and the other (control) for breakers, accessories, and monitors
  • Integral heavy-duty lifting eyes make it easier to move and install
  • Phase rotation monitor helps verify the temporary generator phase rotation before energizing the load
  • Meets NEC 700.3(F) which requires it for docking stations serving emergency systems
  • NEMA 3R 14-gauge aluminum cabinet allows greater amperage, durability, and performance
  • Multiple conduit entry locations enhance installation flexibility

Amperage Range: 100 to 4,000A

Voltage Options: 

  • 120/240V
  • 120/240V Delta
  • 208Y/120V 480V
  • 480Y/277V
  • 600V
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