200 Class Stacklight™ Family


Edwards Signaling fulfills the need for high-quality machine status indication with the introduction of its new 200 Class family of stacklights.  These modular stacklights are available in five diameters:  70, 48, 36, 25 and 18mm. 

Innovative quick-connect modules allow for quick & easy assembly and installation with no tools required.  70mm and 48mm modules are assembled using a unique connector and locking ring mechanism.  Simply insert, push and twist.  Locking rings provide an extra measure of vibration resistance. 36, 25 and 18mm devices utilize a snap-in-place latching mechanism.

Edwards 200 Class Stacklights are rated for a wide range of supply voltages ranging from 12V to 240V.  Both AC and DC models are available.

Four different types of light sources are available:

  •   Ultra-bright Integrated LED’s
  • LED Bulb Type
  •  Xenon Strobe
  •  Incandescent Lamp

Available in the following six lens colors:

  • Blue
  •  Amber
  •  Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  •  Clear (White).


  • available in five diameters
  • quick & easy assembly and installation
  • rated for a wide range of supply voltages
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