2010 Elite Series Tube Benders for Reduced Set-Up Time, Faster Speed


Horn Machine Tools, Inc. introduces the 2010 Elite Series of tube bending machines with capacities ranging from 1-1/4 in. to 10 in. Designed for tube bending in automotive, aviation, HVAC, boiler, shipyard and general fabrication applications, the Elite Series offers a 50-percent reduction in set-up time, user-friendly features, extended service intervals and faster bending speeds. 
2010 Elite Series benders are lowered to a comfortable load height of 36 in. from the floor to the center of the tube (based on a 5-in. bender), although taller machines are available as an option if greater floor clearance is desired. The machines feature a new direct acting swing arm design that reduces clamping deflection, puts clamp force on the center of the tube, and eliminates wear parts, pins, links, plates, and doesn’t require a jack screw to adjust tool pressure. A direct acting clamp and PD, along with a new upright PDA design, makes it easy to remove and position tooling, often without tools:
•    No tools needed to change or position the clamp die.
•    No tools needed to change the pressure die.
•    Upgrading the clamp and pressure die slide with linear bearing guides eliminates the aluma-bronze slides and gibs.
•    Heavy-duty precision linear bearings provide exact tool positioning and eliminate metal-to-metal wear surfaces.
•    Tool holder is easy to move and position; no T-slot slide.
•    Clamp position is preset by the length of the bar.
•    Linear bearings have load centered to reduce wear.
•    Pressure is programmed and stored in the control.

Mandrel base improvements include an electric position adjustment that makes it easy to move and reposition without tools, a quick disconnect mandrel rod that is easy to remove and replace without tools, and front- and rear-guided rails that offer higher rigidity and increased service life of the cylinder rod. Similarly, wiper base improvements eliminate the need for tools to adjust the X or Y position and allow for easy adjustment and repeatable set-up position. A positive-locating wiper holder and mounting bar eliminates guesswork when mounting the wiper die. Easy rake angle adjustment and repeatable positioning further reduces set-up time, while X-axis side shift servos and improved tool support further eliminates the need for tools to make adjustments.
The 2010 Elite Series also features a functional, compact design built for speed: a single cabinet for access to machine controls and circuitry, a new larger horsepower main drive motor that increases open/close and bending speeds, and an increased retractable wiper speed thanks to a smaller, optimized cylinder. Faster tool changes reduce overall set-up time up to 50 percent, and fewer components and contact points throughout the machine extends service intervals. 

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