2017 Fall Catalog


The release of the Fall 2017 Product Catalog features, among others, the new Corner Radius Finishers for Exotic Alloys; Deburring Chamfer Cutters – Double Ended; Tip Radius Engravers - Double Ended; Tipped Off Engravers - Double Ended; High Performance Drills - Flat Bottom; Metric Single Form Thread Mills; and Metric Long Flute Thread Mills. Additionally, square and ball profile miniature end mills are now stocked in 3-flute options, and Miniature Reamers are stocked uncoated. In total, more than 2,100 new tools were added to this edition of Harvey Tool’s biannual catalog, adding to a repertoire of stocked tooling that now exceeds 19,000 options.


Variable Helix End Mills for Exotic Alloys – Finishers, Corner Radius:
Optimized for titanium alloys, inconel, nickel alloys, and other high-temperature materials with outstanding performance in difficult-to-machine steels, stainless steels, and tool steels.


Miniature High Performance Drills – Flat Bottom:
Harvey’s Miniature High profile Drills feature a flat bottom profile for drilling on inclined and rounded surfaces, creating flat bottom holes, tilted drilling for angled holes, and drilling intersecting holes, half holes, shoulders, or thin plates.

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