2019 List of Overrun Optics


The Meller Optics 2019 Stock Parts List features first quality overruns from customer orders that are ideal for a wide range of research & development applications in lieu of custom orders. Sapphire-, single crystal- and fused-quartz waveplates at 1/4 and 1/2 wave and several IR wavelengths are offered and parts made from BaF2, CaF2, germanium, CO2 laser glasses, quartz, ruby, silicon, ZnS, and more are included.


Providing a typical savings of 20% less than the cost of custom ordering and same-day shipping versus a long wait, there are dozens of varieties of parts on the Meller Optics 2019 Stock Parts List with different shapes and sizes. The sapphire optics have 10 waves to 1/10th wave flatness and 10-5 to 80-50 scratch-dig finishes. All parts conform to OEM specifications.

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