2100ºF No Drip Gel Thread-Lockers and Pipe Sealants Applied with Accuracy - Cotronics Corporation


Just dispense and apply Resbond 907TSG Thread-Locker Gel for high temperature thermally stable, electrically insulating and chemically resistant seals up to 2100ºF.  Ideal for screws, nuts, bolts, pipe threads, fittings, fasteners, set screws, bearings, studs, bolts, etc.  Available in three strengths: Blue Standard for general purpose, Red High Strength for vibrating applications and Gold High Strength to fill large gap widths.

Resbond 907TSG Thread-Locker Gel goes exactly where you apply it. Eliminate the running, dripping and messy globs that are usually caused from standard thread-lockers.  Resbond Gel is easy to apply and cures at room temperature to form thermally stable, electrically insulating, and chemically and corrosion resistant seals.

Packaged in economical easy-to-use, 4 ounce applicator bottles. One bottle provides up to 2000 applications.  One-ounce trial kits available.  All materials are manufactured according to Military Specification Mil-I-45208.

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