22 mm IEC Pilot Devices


Enhancing and replacing the Series B product line, the 22 mm IEC Pilot Devices Series GT features pilot lights, push buttons, selector switches, and E-Stops.


The Series GT products are cross-compatible with the Series B products, all while keeping the same mounting and assembly specifications.


The design enhancements include a more robust operator bracket, a 4X chrome-plated bezel option, modernized aesthetics, increased color vibrancy on push button caps, and reinforced internal components on all selector switches.


Series GT enhancements:

  • The one-piece bracket design offers a more secure contact-block-to-operator connection, simplifying installation and providing end users further confidence that the devices are built to last.
  • As an option to the standard polyester bezel, the chrome-plated bezel provides the durability and corrosive resistance needed for Type 4X applications, including those outdoors and in harsh environments.
  • The modernized aesthetics and increased color vibrancy match the appearance of today’s modern equipment.
  • The reinforced selector switch components add strength and redundancy fail-safes to protect against misuse of the product.
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