3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker


For 20 years Keyence has continually released products that combine cutting edge technology with unique KEYENCE developed features. Now, the MD-X Series HYBRID laser marker combines the advantage of both FIBER and YVO4 laser oscillation methods in one cutting edge product. This unique laser oscillation method combines the best attributes of YVO4 and FIBER laser makers. The MD-X Series laser marker has a built in 2D code reader and verifier to accurately mark and check 2D codes without using a separate device. Verification and grading of a marked 2D Code can be performed via the laser markers built-in camera. The data from this result can be output via I/O or data communication to signify a Good or No Good mark.

Our built in camera makes it possible to perform automatic focusing without the use of any external devices. This is possible even when targets may not be placed at the exact same focal length from the laser and eliminating the need for external tooling. Additional production costs can be kept to a minimum while increasing efficiency and throughput.

The MD-X Series has an IP64 enclosure rating on the marking head, an environmentally resistant specification that is usually only typical in FIBER laser technology. This and many other environmental specifications of KEYENCE laser marking systems makes it possible to operate with high precision and accuracy in nearly any production facility.


  • built in 2D code reader
  • built in camera
  • IP64 enclosure rating

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