3-in-1 Pipe Beveler


The Dictator II MILLHOG Pipe Beveler uses one mandrel and a set of three wide clamps that provide six points of contact on the pipe I.D. resulting in rigid mounting and chatter-free beveling for a given pipe size range. Featuring only 10 sets of clamps which are easy to change for the entire range of the tool, this beveler can perform any angle of prep on any type of pipe alloy and can bevel, face, and bore simultaneously.


Ideal for fabrication shops and on-site applications, the Dictator II MILLHOG Pipe Beveler includes a patented safety spring hanger for easier alignment. Requiring no cutting oils, it uses the EscoLock cutter blade holding system and proprietary TiN coated cutter blades that direct the chip and heat away from the pipe surface to prevent work hardening and extend blade life. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power are all available.


Working Range
4.5" I.D. to 24.0" O.D.
Blade Series
M-Series Blades
Min. Width
22.0 in.
Head Length
3.0 hp
1,800 W
5 hp
90 psi
120 V
1,500 psi
95 cfm
50/60 Hz
5 to 10 gpm
Cutterhead Speed
15 rpm
Gear Box Included
1 to 14 rpm
Cutterhead Speed (gearbox)
7.5 rpm
6.5 to 22.5 rpm
1 to 7 rpm
Working Weight
265 lb.
278 lb.
269 lb.
Shipping Weight
503 lb.
516 lb.
507 lb.
Shipping Dimensions
41 x 25.5 x 40 in.
41 x 25.5 x 40 in.
41 x 25.5 x 40 in.



  • One mandrel/wedge and 8 sets of clamps cover the entire range
  • Wide clamps spread contact for superior clamping force and rigidity
  • Three powerful motor options that are easily switched
  • Comes with spring hanger, goose-neck hanger, and stand for safe storage/transportation
  • Bevel, face and bore simultaneously 
  • Rugged dual-opposed tapered roller bearings support the gear drive for non-stop operation
  • EscoLock cutter blade holding system reduces vibration and maximizes the number of preps per blade
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