3-in-1 Smart Refrigerant Charger


Weighing less than 40 lb., the NRC62D Smart Refrigerant Charger is designed to perform the tasks of several tools in one compact, easy-to-use unit.


The NRC62D offers automatic operation for intuitive, consistent system evacuation and refrigerant filling. This automated evacuation and recharge process is a significant step up from traditional processes, which typically employ separate vacuum pumps, manifold gauges, charging scales, refrigerant tubing, and other connection devices.


Key to the NRC62D’s multi-functional appeal is the incorporation of a Digital Manifold Gauge, which features pressure and temperature displays as well as calculated super-heat and sub-cooling data. In addition, the unit includes a precision Wireless Electronic Scale, which can also be used as a standalone device. Enhanced features such as a brushless DC-driven vacuum pump and wireless temperature probes round out the NRC62D’s multifaceted capabilities.


The NRC62D Smart Refrigerant Charger achieves a flow rate of 6 cubic feet per minute (cfm). Other features include tri-color refrigerant hoses, a built-in vacuum micron gauge for leak detection, and real-time status and warning displays.


Power SupplyV/Hz115V/60Hz
Evacuation RateCFM6
Charge Ratelb./min4
Motor PowerHP1/2
Accessory Included NRS2i01, NRHH53, NMT1, NMT2
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