Allegro expands their current family of step-down regulators by adding two new devices targeted at applications requiring an 8 V to 25 V input voltage rating and 3 A (A8698) or 4 A (A8697) output current. Allegro’s A8698 and A8697 can be used as general-purpose buck regulators in a wide variety of applications. The 25 V input range makes these new devices ideal for consumer electronics and industrial applications where 12 V to 25 V input voltages may occur. Allegro’s A8698 and A8697 are constant off-time current mode step-down regulators with wide input voltage ranges. Regulation voltage is set by external resistors, to output voltages as low as 0.8V. These parts include an integrated power DMOS switch to reduce the total solution footprint. They also feature internal compensation, allowing users to design stable regulators with minimal design efforts. The off-time can be set with an external resistor, allowing flexibility in inductor selection. - more - Additionally, these devices have a logic level enable pin which can shut the device down and put it into a low quiescent current mode for power sensitive applications. Both devices (A8698 and A8697) are supplied in a low-profile 8-lead SOIC with exposed pad (package LJ).


* 8 to 25 V input range * Integrated DMOS switch * Adjustable fixed off-time * Highly efficient * Adjustable 0.8 to 20 V output
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