30’ Telescoping LED Light Tower with 6,000 Watt Generator


This mobile light tower is a self-contained light tower package that produces enough light to illuminate an area up to 6 acres in size. This unit contains a water cooled diesel engine powering a 6,000 watt generator, which supplies the current to eight 160 watt LED lamps producing 14,723 lumens each for a combined total of 117,784 lumens of intense LED illumination. This unit can run uninterrupted for 60 hours straight without refueling and includes  a telescoping mast that can elevate to a height of 30ft.


Power: KUBOTA Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Generator: 6,000 watts, 120V/240V @ 60Hz, 1800rpm

Fuel: 30 Gallon Fuel Tank

Lamps: (8) 160 watt LED

Total Watts: 1,280

Total Lumens: 117,784

Boom Height: Up to 30ft

Coverage: 4 to 6 Hours

Mounting: Towable Trailer, 2000lbs Axle, 2” Ball Coupling

Run Time: 60 Hours on Single Tank of Fuel

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