300 kHz Bench LCR Meter Provides Sweep and Bin Sorting Functions


891 300 kHz bench LCR meter measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.05% best impedance accuracy over a fully adjustable test frequency range of 20 Hz to 300 kHz.

Using the multiple comparator sorting functions will greatly reduce test time on the production line by allowing users to set high and low limits for sorting components within their specifications.

The intuitive interface with a menu-driven keypad and a bright 4.3-in. color LCD, which displays both primary and secondary measurements along with all test signal parameters on one screen. The numeric keypad and cursor buttons let users quickly set test parameters. All sweep and bin sorting results can be easily displayed on a graph or table.


  • Selectable test levels of 0.5 Vrms and 1 Vrms, DC resistance measurement, and standard SCPI-compliant USB (Virtual COM), GPIB, and LAN interfaces for programming and remote control
  • 3-year warranty
  • Price: $1,495
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