3D Operating Panel for Agricultural and Construction Machinery


A GLASSCAPE touchscreen and wear-free joystick are complemented by the new 3D-SCAPE, a capacitive 3D touch input solution (patent pending).

Integrated into the armrest of the driver's seat, this ergonomically shaped module features capacitive touch sensors that detect user input in sensitive zones that can be tapped or swiped across.

Tactile finger guides enable intuitive and safe control without looking at the panel.

The totally enclosed module cannot be compromised by dirt, humidity or dust ingress and has no mechanical components that require replacement due to wear.

A robust GLASSCAPE touchscreen, which can be operated with gloves, is integrated into the front end of the armrest to serve as an alternative user interface and visualization aid.

Dedicated external quick access keys facilitate a fast switching between functions and allow for intuitive navigation. An additional touchscreen at the center of the steering wheel provides a live display of all major operating and monitoring options, which can be preselected by the driver via the GLASSCAPE touchscreen.

A wear-free JOYSCAPE joystick is used for hydraulic control. RAFI supplies customized versions of these with additional actuators on request.



  • Capacitive tough
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wear-free
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