3D Printer Is Revolutionary


The NEVA 3D Printer is affordable and accessible to all and is easy to use. This printer is controlled with ONE touch button that lets you start/pause/stop the printer anytime you need. To change the color or to replace the filament, just tap the base twice and you're ready to add a new filament. 



  • 7 inches diameter (18 cm) and 8 inches height (20cm)
  • high quality stepper motors allow the NEVA to print up to 80 mm/sec
  • able to print incredibly consistent layers, from 200 microns up to 100 micron
  • $249 on kickstarter, get it here!

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Anonymous, IT/Technology Management, Information Systems
Me too. And my son is became a fan of DAGOMA
Anonymous, Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics Management
I had the chance to test this printer in France, it's SO easy to use! I recommand it to all beginners in 3Dprinters