3D Printing Transforms Supply Chain



PSMI wanted to find a better solution for sourcing machine spare parts. Orders are traditionally very costly due to small-batch quantities and are needed quickly. Parts can be difficult to source because they are old and OEMs have gone out of business or parts became obsolete and prints do not exist.



PSMI created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Azoth, to provide its customers with on-site AM solutions. Azoth partnered with RIZE to build digital tool cribs. Manufacturing parts together, on demand, eliminates bottlenecks and saves money.



  • Reduced some part costs by as much as 98%
  • Cut lead times by as much as 8 weeks
  • Ink marking capability ensures full traceability
  • Safe, easy production of industrial parts provides compliance with plant safety policies


To read the full case study, click the download link below.

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