3D Quality Inspection (3DQI) Robot Cell


Capable of detecting defects of less than half the width of a human hair and imperceptible to the naked eye, the 3D quality inspection (3DQI) robot cell dramatically accelerates production by providing fast, accurate testing to make metrology easier and less time-consuming. The 3D Quality Inspection cell eliminates the need for time-consuming manual inspection, while substantially reducing the likelihood of faults and errors. As well as increasing productivity, the solution also reduces costs by minimizing the risk of product defects that could lead to potential recalls.


Key benefits of the 3DQI cell include its combined speed, accuracy to below 100 micrometers, and flexibility provided by its modular design, with customers able to create a solution tailored to their exact requirements.


The 3DQI is conceived for offline testing stations and its modularity allows customization or expansion to meet evolving business needs. Using a single 3D white light optical sensor to scan millions of 3D points per shot, a detailed digital model of the part being inspected can be created which can be compared to an original CAD drawing. All of this can be done 10 times faster than with traditional Coordinated Measuring Machines (CMM).


The sensor can be carried by any robot with a handling capacity greater than 20 kg and is compatible with a range of robots, tracks, and rotary tables, so there are no limits on the dimensions of the parts that can be inspected.


The solution also provides comprehensive data analysis processed in real time. Digital records support traceability, which is needed in several industries, as well as enabling customers to adapt their processes to prevent further failures to improve overall quality and productivity. All equipment is included in ABB’s powerful RobotStudio Sidio Planner Power Pack for easy and intuitive programming, enabling new users to quickly become familiar with using the 3DQI solution.

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