3D Scanner Packs Brains & Brawn in Compact Form Factor


Leo is everything you’d want in a 3D scanner, from wide field of view to built-in CPU and touchscreen. The 60 fps makes the 4-lb ergonomic device one of the fastest scanners, and also provides more reliable tracking. The training time to use the device is also speedy, enabling companies to use internal employees, and not outside specialists, to provide scanning needs.


The 5.5-in. touchscreen on the back revolutionizes how the scanning is done, as users no longer have to refer to a sepaarte monitor to see what they have scanned. In this way, the Leo works more like a digital camera than traditional scanner.


The brains--a NVIDIA Tegra mobile platform, which includes embedded FPGA, quad-core CPU, and 1-teraflop GPU processors--are also included, making Leo the first scanner to allow automatic 3D processing onboard. Markers are also not required on the onject to be scanned, as advanced hybrid geometry and texture tracking are used to make scannign easier than ever.


“We have reduced the time frames needed to learn how to 3D scan,” says Andrei Vakulenko, Artec’s chief business development officer. “You don’t have to keep the same distance from the object you’re scanning. Due to the scanner’s larger field of view, you can make a scan of the whole of a large object and then move closer to get the details. The scanner is so smart it knows where the object’s top and bottom are, where you are standing, how fast you’re moving around the object.”


See our in-depth write up of the LEO on NED Insight.


A wide field of view allows for large objects, such as an airplane wing, to be captured, and the impending Artec Studio 12, an updated version of  Studio 11, modeling software will enable users to adopt 3D scanning even quicker and easier.



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Working Distance:0.35-1.2 m
Volume Capture Zone:173,000 cm³
Angular Field of View:38.5 x 23°
Video Frame rate:60 fps
Texture Resolution:2.3 mp
Data Acquisition Speed: 4 million points/s
Exposure Time:0.0001-0.0002 s
Position Sensors:Built-In DoF Inertial System
Internal Hard Drive:256 GB SSD
Weight:4 lb.
Dimensions:227 x 163 x 228 mm

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
Looks a truly exceptional design to encompass all this in one unit. We are looking forward to testing this out in the field.
Anonymous, Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics Management
It is really everything you want from a 3D Scanner: complex, innovative, modern, sophisticated, professional indeed.