3D Screener System Integrates with Any Printer


An innovative design that collects, screens, and rebottles reclaimed metal powder from 3D metal printers is the 3D Metal Printer (3dMP) Screener System. It is totally integrated, eliminating multiple operations and any material handling. The system is set up to feed in the used metal powder with agglomerates and discharge screened metal powder ready to be reused or mixed with virgin material.


The 3dMP can be customized to be integrated directly with your 3D Printer or to ‘feed from’ and ‘discharge to’ any size 3D printer metal powder bottle. SWECO engineers can design a system to your exacting standards to provide a solution to fit your process.


The 3dMP can screen a bottle of metal powder material in under 5 minutes as opposed to other processes that can take up to an hour or more. It’s completely enclosed, minimizing the chance of product spillage or exposure to the operators. The metal powder is fed into the hopper which feeds the separator. Product contact areas come standard with complete ground welds and a polished (12-25 Ra) surface. Other finishes are available if required.


The 3dMP is a compact system that can fit into tight spaces and takes up very little floor space. And the system has been designed with casters for portability so you can easily move the 3dMP to multiple work stations around your facility.

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