3D Software Offers Predictable Prints


Driven by a powerful integrated simulation engine, Flow ensures predictable print outcomes, while its native CAD workflow controls performance consistent with the design intent and significantly reduces print preparation time. Working with VELO3D’s Sapphire system, Flow enables next generation SupportFree additive manufacturing for parts previously not possible.


Flow is specifically designed for Sapphire, VELO3D’s laser fusion metal additive manufacturing system. It includes tools that help with part orientation, support generation, simulated print predictions, per-surface process application, slice composer, and process review. As a result, manufacturers can now print complex part geometries SupportFree, enabling volume manufacturing of parts that are otherwise impossible or uneconomical to print due to hard-to-remove support structures.


The integration of print preparation, simulation, and composing capabilities into a single software eliminates historic incompatibilities, significantly simplifying the workflow. Native CAD workflow enables new user experience with smart selection, refinement, and filtering of part features and reduces hundreds of manual steps to a few clicks. This enables users to focus their efforts on solving problems on the application level instead of troubleshooting machine level parameters.


Flow is the first and only print preparation software that manages print outcome based on the design intent. With the native CAD import, the design intent is preserved, and users can optimize for target cost and quality parameters by surface. It enables selection of areas to optimize the surface finish, and others for throughput. Flow allows the user to optimize a print within the design requirements by delivering the highest possible quality for critical surfaces, while non-critical surfaces can be optimized for throughput.

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