3D Visualization Software Gets a Data Boost


Version 18.3 of the Publish 3D software includes new and improved product features and enhancements that allow Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) composers to work with JT data. The package lets users open JT data—including geometry, assemblies, product structure, metadata, and product manufacturing information—to aid in the creation of assembly procedures, technical illustrations, interactive 3D product experiences, and more.  Multiple batch processing of JT is accomplished via a new “Sync” interface, while a command line interface enables integration with PLM applications.

With the growing trend to re-use 3D design data across business enterprises, the integration of Publish 3D and Composer enables users across the enterprise to work with JT files to meet and overcome longstanding business challenges of reducing costs, improving quality and reducing timescales and delivers tangible business benefits.


  • Compatibility: 3DVIA Composer (up to and inc.2015), CATIA Composer (up to and inc 2016x) alongside API support for Dassault’s MultiCAD and JT’s Jtk 7.1.5 which can output Composer data.

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