4-20mA Differential Pressure Sensor


The 4-20mA Differential Pressure Sensor measures air pressure in two areas and indicates if there is a difference between the readings. This sensor is ideal for applications where a specific air pressure differential must be maintained to prevent a vacuum upon opening a door that could pull dust or other pollutants into the space.


When the pressure level falls outside of the Sensaphone’s programmed high or low limit, the user will receive an alarm which displays or reads the current differential or static pressure value. The high accuracy digital sensor maintains calibration, reduces callbacks, and provides an excellent tolerance to overpressure and vibration. A 24V DC power supply is required to power the sensor.


  • Measures differential or static pressure with attractive wall mounts
  • Switch selectable unidirectional or bidirectional mode
  • Includes probes and tubing for mounting on a wall
  • Set high and low limits by programming the Sensaphone
  • Sensaphone will go into alarm when pressure level exceeds limit
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