4-in-1 Motion Controller


The MultiServo is designed to make the control of servo axes even more functional and precise with a cost-saving design that is up to 60% more compact than competitive units. The MultiServo combines four inverters and an integrated power supply with a motion controller into a single module that is only 130 mm wide, 320 mm high and 230 mm deep. This innovative package provides up to 4 kVA for each of the four axes along with Safe Torque Off safety functionality, making it ideal to use with compact robotics, machine cell controls, assembly machines or other custom configurations.


With its library of motion applications for common kinematics and motion tasks such as axis synchronization, electronic gearing, gantry control and more, the MultiServo is a key component for OEM machine designs. Machine builders can simply download the AMK motion app to the MultiServo that matches their mechanical system and configure it with AMK’s AIPEX™ advanced software interface. The EtherCAT connection is automatically configured by the app, which means there is no need to program the MultiServo motion or PLC. Instead, it’s controlled by passing the appropriate data (e.g., positions for robots, torque and speed for winders, etc.) through EtherCAT.

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