4-inch Thermal Printer Gives OEMs Fast, Portable Label Output


Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today released a high-speed, battery-powered, 4-inch thermal printer mechanism for high-performance, portable label printing applications such as warehousing, POS, industrial, medical, and scientific instrumentation. The FTP-648MCL103/104 series features a 50mm/sec (2inch/sec) print speed with 8 dot/mm (150 dpi) resolution to quickly output high-quality barcodes, graphics and text. The lock lever-releasable, detachable platen simplifies paper loading and periodic maintenance for reduced downtime. Weighing in at 160 g (5.71 oz) and measuring 139.5 mm [5.5 in] (W) x 40.5mm [1.33 in] (D) x 20.5mm [0.67 in] (H), the FTP-648MCL103/104 printer is suitable for compact portable designs. For installation flexibility, both front and bottom paper insertions paths are offered. The printer handles paper stock 80-115 microns-thick in the curved paper path and 80-150 microns in the straight paper path-up to (114mm) maximum width. It is supported by a serial (RS-232C) or USB interface and features full error detection. A variety of Windows® drivers are available for download from the FCAI website. Fujitsu has rated the print head at 100 million pulses or 50km of paper. The printer has an operating temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees C and a platen life of 5,000 cycles. Available immediately, the FTP-648MCL103/104 printer series is priced at $62.50 each in quantities of 1,000. Delivery is stock to 16 weeks ARO.


• Weight Mechanism - Approximately 160 g • Operating temperature* - 0°C to +70°C • Storage - -40°C to +80°C (paper not included) • Mechanism - 139.5 x 40.5 x 20.5mm (W x D x H) • Interface board - 69 x 52 x 20mm (W x D x H) • Height - 20.5 mm,
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