4 Piece Micro Hook and Pick Set


Ideal for providing leverage in close quarters, the 4 Piece Micro Hook and Pick set includes a straight pick, 90-deg. bent pick, dual-angle pick, and a micro hook. The hook and picks measure 5 in. (127 mm) in length, making them ideal for easy access into tight spaces. Each tool also features a handle made from high-tensile strength Nylon 6 material; this ensures that it can withstand abrasions and damage.


Their small size makes them convenient and ideal for easy maneuvering around obstacles and positioning and retrieving various components, such as in the following automotive applications: removal/adjustment of hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, O-rings, cotter pins, and gaskets.


  • ​Black oxide finish for additional rust protection
  • Available in multiple shapes and angles for the perfect tool for the application
  • Made in the USA
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