4 Piece Pneumatic Hammer Sets (Standard & Specialty)


Two ProPneumatic Hammer Sets, one standard and one specialty, are made of shock-resistant alloy steel that is fully hardened and tempered. Their black oxide finish prevents corrosion, promoting long-lasting durability. Consisting of a .401 Turn Type Parker Shank, all of the hammers are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.


The 4 Piece Hammer Set consists of four pneumatic hammers of varying lengths used for hammering operations such as U-joints, ball joints, and body forming work. They can also be used to hammer out seized anchor pins and remove frame rivets and huck bolts. The tools come in a nylon case for easy access and storage.


The 4 Piece Specialty Hammer Set includes a concave hammer, smoothing hammer, peen hammer, and U-joint hammer. The smoothing hammer is used to remove details such as creases or curves on surfaces. The concave hammer rides on the pin when starting, pushing out bolts of corroded locations. The U-joint hammer is used to get U-Joints out or make a tie rod straight. It's cupped so it doesn't fall off when hammering. The peen hammer is used to shape or work material. It's also used for removing ball joints, tie rods, motor mounts, etc.

For convenience and accessibility, the tools are packaged in a self-contained, reusable storage tray that fits most tool boxes.


The 4 Piece ProPneumatic Hammer Set includes:

  • 4.25-in. Pneumatic Hammer
  • 6-in. Pneumatic Hammer
  • 8-in. Pneumatic Hammer
  • 12-in. Pneumatic Hammer

The 4 Piece Specialty Hammer Set includes:

  • 6-in. Smoothing Hammer
  • 6-in. Concave Hammer
  • 6-in. U-Joint/Tie Rod Tool Hammer
  • 6-in. Ball Peen Hammer
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