42mm pipe and joint system


Creform Corporation, Greer SC, has released a new 42mm pipe and joint system  design for a high-capacity high-strength flow rack primarily used for storing heavy totes or boxes.  Creform 42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than its standard 28mm pipe.  The pipe is ideal for structures including flow racks, workstations and carts, which can be built with higher holding capacities using less support elements and joints.              

For example, the 42mm built flow rack features four vertical frames, each with a single angle brace for stability. This can reduce the overall operating cost of the structure because it takes less assembly time while using less joints and pipe.  To create a flow rack this robust using standard 28mm pipe would require a greater number of components and the corresponding extra assembly time.           

The flow rack shown is 102″ wide, 50″ deep and 55″ tall and has three, six-lane levels with a total weight capacity of 1,800 lb.  The 55″ height of the rack allows most people to see over the top while keeping the three conveyor levels in the ergonomic strike zone, which is key since the unit is designed to hold heavier than usual containers.             

The main structure of this flow rack is built using 42mm pipe while the conveyor  supports are standard 28mm pipe attached with Creform 42mm/28mm transition joints.  There are also two new Creform accessory components on these conveyor supports.  The new JG-34B 28mm rollers eliminate sliding totes and boxes across the conveyor mounts while loading or unloading.  Two rollers are positioned on either side of each conveyor mount and extend above them spinning freely on the plastic coated steel pipe providing a low friction transfer.  Flow lanes also have the new EF-2018 anti-back brackets that rotate down for unencumbered loading then pop up to serve as a back stop.  This prevents the accidental pushing of containers off the back of the flow rack while loading.            

Other flow rack features include flow lane dividers ensuring containers stay in their lanes, heavy-duty leveling feet and heavy-duty low-friction skatewheel conveyors for shallow flow lane angles.  Each level of the flow rack can be repositioned with only a few simple tools.  Pipes are available in a variety of colors or ESD (anti-static).  The flow racks are available assembled, in kit form or come as just components along with structure engineering drawings.  Options include empty container returns, casters, label holders and Creform’s new Placon wide roller conveyors.  


  • high-capacity, high-strength
  • four vertical frames
  • flow lane dividers

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