HMI Systems Brochure


HMI Systems Capabilities Brochure highlights the company's reputation as the expert partner for developing solutions-focused human machine interfaces (HMI). Readers will discover how superior quality and customization, including the integration of mixed-technology, enable EAO to produce innovative, intuitive and reliable HMI Systems for its customers.


This booklet features a breakdown of EAO's target-focused, customer-oriented, five-phase project management process which enables the company to fulfil every possible functional and ergonomic end-user requirement in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, certified quality management and international acceptance guarantee these efforts are met without sacrificing reliability.


As a global leader, with value-added partners across all markets, EAO has a variety of resources at its disposal. In this brochure, you will discover how EAO's expertise allows it to meet all market- and country- specific standards, while also satisfying any necessary certifications and approvals.


An abundance of real-world examples featuring EAO products are also available throughout this brochure. Detailed explanations and high-resolution imagery illustrate how the company's unique and modernized technical capabilities provided a successful solution in each scenario.


Key Topics Covered in EAO's HMI Systems Capabilities Brochure Include:

  • Core HMI capabilities overview – including the integration of mixed-technology solutions
  • The efficient, cost-effective project management process tailored to meet specific end-user needs
  • How a certified quality management system ensures each product meets the highest standards
  • EAO's position as an international leader with value-adding partners across the globe
  • A commitment to the effective implementation of sustainable environmental policy
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