450L Perimeter Access Control GuardShield Safety Light Curtains


The 450L Perimeter Access Control (PAC) GuardShield safety light curtains are designed for whole-body detection. They eliminate the need for hard guarding and gates and allow safe access to hazardous areas. They feature patented technology that allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via a plug-in module. The single-stick architecture greatly reduces the requirements for spare stock.


Other features include an integrated laser alignment system, plug-in DIP switches, and integrated muting options, single-beam to four-beam options, cascading plug-ins, protective lengths from 6 to 41 in. (150 to 1,050 mm), versatile mounting options, and a compact design.


  • Features a compact design 30 x 30 mm (1 x 1 in.)
  • Includes Integrated Laser Alignment System (ILAS), plug-in DIP switches, and integrated muting option available for easy installation and configuration
  • Offers innovative plug-in modules (available separately) which enable basic (ON/OFF)
  • Provides cascading plug-ins for serial connection of safety light curtains
  • Covers a wide range of protection heights 6 in. (150 mm), 24 in. (600 mm), 35 in. (900 mm) or 41 in. (1,050 mm) and available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-beam models respectively
  • Versatile mounting options
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