4G Router Remotely Connects to Machines


The 4G LTE remote access gateway, eWON Cosy, enables users to access, troubleshoot, program, monitor, and control machinery remotely.


Using an eWON Cosy with a 4G cellular connection allows users to access their machinery in remote places where Ethernet is not available.


The Cosy 4G router can not only connect to the newest LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks, but it also

ensures an automatic fall-back to lower cellular connectivity. If the 4G network becomes unstable, congested or unavailable, the connection will automatically switch to 3G (HSPA/WCDMA). In other words, it ensures continuity in connectivity continuity, no matter what the network circumstances are.


4G connectivity is also beneficial when it comes to latency: there is a better interaction and compatibility with the latest equipment installed by Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Furthermore, it can also provide better network coverage depending on the mobile installations provided by the MNO. As the Cosy 4G comes in 2 variants, it ensures a wide compatibility with major MNO’s and covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America.


For remote access, a SIM card with a data plan is all that is needed to connect to the Talk2M cloud-based solution and access an Industrial Control System.


  • The eWON Cosy is connected to the Talk2M server.
  • The engineer uses the eCatcher client remotely to login to his Talk2M account and selects the machine he wants to connect to.
  • A fully secure VPN tunnel is now set up between the engineer and the machine. The engineer can go live with any devices connected to the eWON Cosy's LAN ports.
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