5-Axis Machine Probe


Renishaw, a precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company, will introduce the RMP400 machine tool probe at IMTS 2018 on September 10 - 15 in Chicago. Designed for small 5-axis machine tools, this ultra-compact strain gauge probe provides a reliable and precise touch-trigger solution for part setting, feature measurement and machine performance checking.


The RMP400 joins the RMP600, OMP400, OMP600 and MP250 as part of Renishaw’s range of RENGAGE probes which combine proven silicon strain gauge technology with ultra-compact electronics to deliver unbeatable 3D performance and sub-micron repeatability. Excelling in the measurement of complex shapes and contours, RENGAGE probes are ideally suited to mold and die and aerospace applications. An ultra-low trigger force, which helps to eliminate surface and form damage, makes them ideal for inspecting delicate workpieces.


Suitable for installations where there is no line-of-sight between the spindle probe and the communication interface, the RMP400 uses radio transmission with frequency hopping spread spectrum technology (FHSS). This enables devices to avoid interference and transmission dead spots, allowing the RMP400 to perform with impressive reliability even in high-density radio frequency environments.


For more information on Renishaw’s machine tool probes and software products, visit them at IMTS in booth 135509.

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