5-Feature Fabrication Machine


One of the most versatile fabrication machine series offered by KAAST is the PS Ironworker series, offering 5 separate work stations for punching, shearing and notching operations. Featuring tonnage capacity ranging from 45 to 175 ton, the DP two-cylinder machine style allows parallel work on the punch as well as a second workstation. Ironworkers from 65 ton and up include an electric trigger switch up to 40 in. for quick workflow of repetitive work. Each Ironworker work station has a jog-mode for precise tool/workpiece positioning and are available with optional CNC-controlled material feedstock for the punch function, 12 or 20-ft material table, or pneumatic holding devices.


Punching station

  • Punching of sheet metal, flat and angle steel
  • Sturdy table for high-quality cutting results
  • Stepless stroke adjustment
  • Adapter for punches and dies


Flat shear

  • Lower blade with 4 cutting edges
  • Upper blade with 2 cutting edges
  • Table with angle and length stop


Angle shear

  • Cutting angle profiles at different angles
  • Adjustable rear stop



  • Cutting round and square steel
  • 1000 mm (39.4”) back gauge (65 ton and up)


Notching station

  • Table with stops



  • Includes electric trigger switch up to 1,000 mm (39.4 in.) for quick workflow of repetitive work (65 ton and up)
  • Jog-mode for each work station for precise tool and workpiece positioning
  • Also available with CNC-controlled material feedstock for punch, with 6 m (20 ft) or 4 m (12 ft) material table and pneumatic holding device
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