A new series of –50 ratio gas boosters offering higher flow rates and faster fill times for a wide range of industrial and military applications has been introduced by Haskel International, Inc. The AG Series air driven gas boosters conform to MIL STD 1330D, the highest oxygen cleaning standard approved by the US Navy. The boosters satisfy emerging requirements for greater gas flow than –30 ratio units operating at maximum capacity. At the same time they offer higher gas volumes than –75 ratio boosters operating at their lowest pressure. For divers and emergency equipment operators, this new ratio provides faster fills at higher pressures for recently developed smaller, lightweight bottles. It is also designed for high flow production applications. Applications include military and commercial aircraft ground support, automotive, mining, fire & safety, oil & gas, gas injection and injection molding for plastics, diving, fire & rescue, leak detection, accumulator charging and many others. The boosters provide outlet pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) with built-in cooling. They require no electricity or airline lubrication. With assured separation between the air drive and gas booster sections, they are hydrocarbon free. Standard and custom units are available in various configurations of single stage-single acting, single stage-double acting and two-stage models
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