5G Production Test Solution


Based on the flexible and scalable PXIe modular platform, the TS-960e-5G provides a compact integrated test solution that can be configured with up to 24 independent VNA channels, up to 256 dynamic digital channels with per-channel parametric measurement units (PMUs), and a wide range of digital and analog instrument options. The TS-960e-5G offers users a compact test system that can support both functional and DC parametric test capabilities. It is available with 5G software tools and with a digital vector conversion utility that support ASCII, WGL, STIL, VCD, eVCD and ATP vector formats.


Designed for production test applications requiring integration with an automated handler, the TS-960e-5G is available with an inTEST manipulator which provides precise positioning of the test head and the flexibility to interface to automated probers and device handlers. The TS-960e-5G's device interface board (DIB) / receiver interface is designed to be compatible with virtually any device handler.


Renesas-IDT, a leading manufacturer of comprehensive semiconductor solutions, has teamed with Marvin Test Solutions to validate package test performance of their beamforming products on the TS-900e-5G System.


The TS-960e-5G core system includes ATEasy, a comprehensive suite of software tools that allows users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications. Digital and parametric testing, and SPI/I2C interface support to functionally control and monitor the device under test are supported in the ATEasy Test Executive and Test Development Suite, as well as all instrument drivers, virtual instrument panels, system self-test, and ICEasy which facilitates device test development and characterization.

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