5S Plus Guidebook


Brady has released its 5S Plus Guidebook. The guide provides information, best practices and examples to help users implement an effective visual workplace using the principles of 5S, plus safety.   “Visual workplace and 5S are lean concepts focused on putting information right where employees need to see it and reducing waste. We take this concept a step further by highlighting the need for workplace safety,” says Lori Aeschbacher, global product manager for benchtop printers at Brady.

“Our new guidebook is an excellent resource that informs users of the importance of a 5S visual workplace and what they need to do to get there. After all, people learn 75% of what they know through visuals, meaning signs and labels go a long way in keeping your employees informed and your workplace safe and efficient.” The 5S Plus Guidebook explains what exactly a visual workplace is and why it’s needed. It then dives into 5S, the foundation for creating and sustaining a clean and orderly workplace, and introduces the importance of safety visuals along the way. Through statics, examples and informative callouts, this guide shows 5S Plus in action and introduces readers to the tools they need to effectively implement the right workplace visuals.

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