600Vdc Class RK5 Solar Fuses


The new Cooper Bussmann® PVS-R solar fuse provides high amp ratings with the required fast-acting response to low photovoltaic DC faults. The PVS-R fuse is the first fuse of its kind to achieve a UL 2579 Listing for LOW-VOLTAGE FUSES – FUSES FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS. With a dual 600Vac/dc rating, the PVS-R fuse is designed to meet the higher amperage levels of today’s larger solar power systems, while withstanding extreme high and low ambient temperatures, routine cycling, and opening under low level fault current conditions. Typical competitive offerings provide only traditional time-delay fuses that are not well suited for solar power system protection.

Unlike AC systems, the available short-circuit current in photovoltaic (PV) systems is limited and requires the overcurrent protective device to operate effectively on low levels of fault current. For this reason Cooper Bussmann, the recognized leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, has conducted extensive research and development of fuses that are specifically designed and tested to address the unique overcurrent protection needs of PV systems. This includes testing in ovens to simulate actual application ambient temperatures. Cooper Bussmann also provides time-current curves which follow as close as possible to actual field applications.

Available in ratings from 20 to 600 amps, the PVS-R fuse is well suited for use in recombiner boxes and DC safety switches that operate at higher current levels, but experience the same low-level fault current conditions as combiner boxes and PV strings and arrays.

“Solar power is different and creates the need for unique circuit protection,” explained Ivo Jurek, Cooper Bussmann division president. “Our new PVS-R fuse can handle extreme cycling conditions as well as low magnitude overloads for quicker response to the low level solar system faults.
This helps isolate faults faster and minimizes damage to system components. Whether it’s overcurrent protection, fused disconnects, combiner boxes or power distribution and terminal blocks, Cooper Bussmann products meet prevailing agency standards with the special performance characteristics as required for solar power applications.”

The new PVS-R fuse is available to meet circuit applications up to 600A. Also, as a standard Class RK5 fuse meeting UL 248-12, it is easy to apply and install in traditional fuse blocks and DC safety switches.

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