7-Series Electric 3-Wheel Cushion & Pneumatic


Toyota's 7FBEU Series 3-wheel electric elevates the idea of energy conservation to an entirely new level. Each subsystem is specifically designed to either conserve or regenerate power, maximizing productivity between battery charges. Furthermore, Toyota's Active Mast Control (AMC) system enhances lift truck load stability, assuring you that safety in your workplace comes first, with productivity coming in a very close second

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  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Programmability
  • Comfort/Ergonomics
  • Service


Specification Chart

Model Load Capacity* (lbs.) Voltage (V) Maximum Travel Speed Full Load Cushion Tire(m.p.h.) Maximum
Travel Speed Full Load Pneumatic Tire(m.p.h.)
Maximum Lift Speed Full Load
Maximum Gradeability Full Load
3 Min. Rating
Basic Right Angle Stack** (in.)
7FBEU15 3000 36/48 8.4/9.3 8.4/9.3 67/85 19 72.1
7FBEU18 3500 36/48 8.1/9.3 7.8/9.1 61/83 17 74.6
7FBEU20 4000 36/48 7.8/9 - 59/75 16 77.2
7FBEHU18*** 3500 36/48 8.1/9.3 7.8/9.1 61/83 17 76.6

*Based on 24" load center.
**Add load length and clearance.
***"H" model utilizes a larger battery compartment.
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