8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Start-Up Success


This book in intended to share with readers the wealth of entrepreneurial experience that the author, Sean C. Castrina, has acquired over many years of building successful companies, most of which started as a little more than an idea and none with more that $10,000 of initial start-up capital. The book is organized around eight rules that will increase the likelihood of start-up success. They offer guidance on how to establish, build, and grow a business. After digesting the eight rules and nearly 100 concise practical lessons presented in the book, you'll have the vital tools you need to increase your chances of building a profitable start-up company. 


Here are the eight rules:

  • You must be qualified
  • Your business idea must be qualified
  • Plan for success
  • Protect yourself and your business
  • Build a successful team
  • Marketing is not optional
  • Know your numbers
  • Learn from experience
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