90C-ER Shrinksealer


PDC International Corporation has introduced the 90C-ER Shrinksealer for the fast, continuous application of tamper evident seals and shrink sleeve neck labels.  The 90C-ER seals up to 400 containers per minute, with true 24/7 reliability.  Though engineered for speed and reliability, the system is variable speed and runs as slowly as 50 cpm to synchronize with production requirements. 90C-ER Shrinksealers apply single and multi-layer PVC, PETG, PLA, and OPS sleeves, in gauges as thin as 40 micron, (1.5 mil).  The compatible sleeve diameter range is .375 to 3.0 inches (10 to 75 mm); and the height range is .625 to 4 inches.   PDC‘s Splice-on-the-Fly changeover feature allows a second film reel to be staged and spliced while operation continues at normal speed, thus eliminating the traditional downtime for roll splicing.  When the current reel is spent, an end-of-reel sensor automatically clamps the material end and begins consuming from the accumulation festoon.  Once the splice is complete, the festoon refills by returning to its original position and awaiting the next roll change. Standard features of the 90C-ER include stainless steel frame, NEMA 4 enclosures, Allen-Bradley touch-screen and PLC, and static eliminator; there are sensors for low material and film feed, and available sensors for imprint and bar code verification.     

Like all PDC systems, the 90C-ER has a robust blade assembly, rather than the fragile spinning knives of competitive machines.  This advanced assembly allows blades to be re-sharpened at least three times, and reversed, so one set provides exceptionally long service life and cost savings. PDC blades last months, not days. Systems also feature tool-less changeover, which minimizes downtime between format changes.  Both vertical and horizontal perforators may be added.  As with all PDC shrink sealing systems, heat tunnels, and complete conveying systems can be supplied as part of an integrated package.    

The 90C-ER Shrinksealer pairs perfectly with PDC’s Smooth Diversion Inspection / Ejection System, which confirms the location of bands and gently diverts any packages that are out of specification.   Large containers, such as glass liquor bottles are diverted onto an adjacent rotary table.  The AMS feature will stop the machine after a pre-set number of rejects. PDC 90C-ER Shrinksealers are available in UL and CE approved versions.  The use of widely available “off-the-shelf” purchased components minimizes maintenance expense throughout the system’s long service life. 


  • seals up to 400 containers per minute
  • robust blade assembly
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