A Green Solution for Tapping Fluid


SafeTap Ultima is a natural-based tapping fluid made from 100% renewable materials and is totally biodegradable.
The unique composition of SafeTap Ultima gives higher viscosity and lubricity than many competitors’ oil-based products but its natural base make it safer for operators and metals, especially aluminum. SafeTap Ultima is non-staining and completely odorless. SafeTap Ultima not only prolongs tool life and creates better threads in tapped holes but it also creates a safer and cleaner work environment for employees. Since SafeTap Ultima contains no mineral oils or solvents there is no oily residue left on the work pieces.
SafeTap Ultima is designed for use on all metals including aluminum and offers an environmentally-friendly, high-performance, green alternative to oil-based tapping fluids. SafeTap Ultima is available in 16 ounce bottles as well as 1, 5, and 55 gallon containers.


* 100% Biodegradable * Water-clear * All Natural ingredients * Non-staining and Odorless * Safe for All Metals, Excellent for Aluminum
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