A-Mate Load Carrier AGV


A fully electric, free-lift pallet AGV with omnidirectional drive, the A-MATE is an extremely versatile mobile robot that brings a new level of automation to intra-logistics. The free SLAM navigation combined with the innovative fleet management allows users to have a full overview and control of their internal logistics operations.


A-mate offers clear advantages compared to existing AMR products on the market through its increased load capacity of 2,200 lb. One of the key advantages is its ability to lift a load of up to 1 ton to a height of 1 meter without using supportive scissors below the forks. This allows for very close access when loading or unloading both conveyors and pallet racking. Furthermore, thanks to its slim design, A-MATE can move freely in both narrow aisles and within pallet stacks.


  • Free navigation
  • Omnidrive
  • Pallet detection
  • Free navigation
  • Omnidrive
  • Pallet detection
  • Powered by electricity, not hydraulics
  • Lifting is enabled to 1 meter for up to 2,200 lb.
  • A-Mate can also load and unload units from conveyor belts
  • Li-ion battery enables long operating hours with minimal charging times
  • Identification of load carrier combined with Omnidrive enables fast positioning and picking up the carrier
  • Fast and simultaneous correction of loading angle with Omnidrive
  • The Omnidrive feature enables free movement of the AGV in all directions.
  • Slim design enables moving and turning in tight spaces
  • Minimal operational space and aisle widths required
Drive conceptOmnidrive
TypeLifting fork
Lifting speed0.2 m/s
Lift height1,100 mm
Load capacity1,000 kg
Height 1,830 mm
Width 800 mm
Length 1,626 mm
Fork length 1,200 mm
Fork width 559 mm
Turning radius 1,840 mm
Ground clearance 12 mm
Unit tare weight690 kg
LiftAll load carriers such as roll cages, pallets, foldable cages
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