A New Family of Acceleration Recording Instruments Make Data Collection Faster, Easier and Less Expensive


Sensr of Elkader, Iowa USA introduces their GP series acceleration recorders: The GP1 Programmable Accelerometer and the GP2 USB Accelerometer. The GP series recorders are 3-axis instruments specifically designed to make data collection simpler so that end-users can get results quicker. The GP1 Programmable Accelerometer is a compact, rugged data logger that can collect more than 30 days of data. The GP1 measures: motions, vibrations, bumps, shocks, impacts, free-falls, attitude changes, tipping and temperature. The GP1 Programmable Accelerometer is an ideal instrument for: Research and Development, Product Testing, Transit Monitoring and Asset Management.

The GP2 USB Accelerometer is a real-time streaming instrument that makes it easy to get 3-axis information directly to a PC. The GP2 has been optimized for laboratory and in-vehicle testing environments. Users can choose between the standard software for recording, graphing, analyzing and exporting data or they can use the free API and embed the instrument into their custom system for combining the data with other inputs.

Both instruments are housed in rugged billet aluminum housings and come with a 1year warranty as well as free lifetime customer support and software updates. Complete kits are only $599.00 USD.


• Size: 3.960" x 2.500" x .765" • Weight: 5.5 oz • Housing material: Billet Aluminum • Status indicator: Bi-color LED • Power consumption: 25mA max. • Connectivity: USB • Cable length: 6 ft. • Accelerometer type: 3-axis MEMS • Reporting resolution: .001g • Useful measuring range: .050g - 12g • Inclination reporting: .5 degrees • Useful inclination range: 0 - 60 degrees • Shock survival limit: 1200 g - 5 msec • Frequency response: DC - 100 Hz • Sampling rate: 1 - 400 samples / sec • Device temperature range: -4 to 176 degrees F
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